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fundamentals of urban operations

Battalion delay in an urban area. Commanders use visualization, staffs use running estimates, and both use the IPB process to assess and understand the urban environment. Added to this is the masking of fires caused by rubble and manmade structures. Leaders at all levels must consider the following factors in various combinations. Soldiers conducting close combat in an urban area. Learn more. The urban area is key (or decisive) in setting or shaping the conditions for current or future operations. Fuze delay should be used to penetrate fortifications. Underground water, sewer, and utility systems. Weather analyses that are important to battalion operations include visibility, winds, precipitation, and temperature and humidity. Companies do not have the assets to ensure continuous communications, so the battalion staff must plan for continual movement of battalion assets to support company operations. Resistance Groups. Enemy tactics may range from ambushes and snipers to large-scale conventional actions conducted by heavy forces. However, in UO, they occur with greater frequency and intensity, are more complex, and often involve agencies other than U.S. military organizations. When rounds impact on the perpendicular street, they are adjusted for range. Potter et al. Urban combat operations may be conducted to capitalize on strategic or tactical advantages associated with the possession or the … synchronized combined-arms operation under the control of a maneuver commander. Targets, even those at close range, tend to be indistinct. Battalions may also be involved in securing routes and possibly safeguarding food, clothing, medical, and sanitary facilities. The urban maps, whether digital or sketched, include a reference system to identify buildings and streets (Figure 6-2). Jacob Behning from Denton, Texas, Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment, pulls security while Air Force Staff Sgt. (c)     The civilian population may also serve as an important intelligence source for the enemy. var script = document.createElement("script"); Light data have special significance during urban operations. Finally, mortars can be used, with some limitations, against light armor and structures. The staff must ensure the continuous supply of Classes I, III, V, and VIII and water to forward units. For battalions, relatively close distances among adjacent battalions, supporting assets, and subordinate units and elements characterize contiguous operations. The defensive techniques chosen by subordinate companies should allow them to respond to the specific threats in their respective AOs, battle positions, or sectors. Engagements may range from the overwhelming and precise application of combat power in order to defeat an enemy to large-scale humanitarian operations to HN security force assistance characterized by information and influencing activities. The urban area is in the path of a general advance and cannot be surrounded or bypassed. Offensive operations in an urban area are planned and implemented based on the factors of METT-TC. INTEGRATING THE URBAN AREA INTO THE DEFENSE. Subway systems, railways, and mass transit routes. (w/Change 1). Transition Control. One of their greatest contributions is interdicting supplies, evacuation efforts, and reinforcement in the enemy rear just behind his forward defensive positions. During offensive operations, the SBCT commander's intent normally includes--. Some rehearsals can start shortly after receipt of warning orders. These are intelligence requirements that a commander has anticipated and that have stated priority in task planning and decision making. Cordon and attack is a tactical task given to a battalion to prevent withdrawal from or reinforcement of a position. RAND Urban Operations ConferenceRAND Urban Operations Conference 23 March 2000. If the enemy counterattacks, the battalion may establish a hasty defense (Figure 6-14). Urban operations require significant HUMINT reconnaissance because sensors and other technological devices are not as effective in urban environments. These are usually effective at the edge of open spaces (parks, wide streets, and so forth). Urban operations (UO) are defined as military actions that are planned and conducted on terrain where manmade construction affects the tactical options available to the commander. The most common and valuable use for mortars is often harassment and interdiction fires. A defense in an urban area, or one that incorporates urban areas, normally follows the same sequence of actions and is governed by the principles contained in Chapter 5. Urban operations frequently result in higher casualty rates. (2)     Winds. e.     Armored vehicles and antiarmor weapons are positioned to cover likely avenues of approach for enemy armored vehicles. Figure 6-7 depicts a sample task organization for an SBCT infantry battalion conducting offensive urban operations that consist of a main effort, two supporting efforts, and a reserve. Detailed intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance plan to assess the situation. Understanding the urban society requires comprehension of--. Unless planned and executed effectively, transitions can reduce the tempo of UO, slow its momentum, and cede the initiative to the enemy. Engagement areas to include employment and integration of obstacles with direct and indirect fires. A division or corps most frequently conducts a mobile defense, but the SBCT is also capable of conducting a mobile defense. Battalions may fight adjacent to, on the edges of, or inside cities. script.setAttribute("async", true); Combat in urban areas has a slower tempo and an increased use of methodical, synchronized missions. By using the terrain and fighting from well-prepared and mutually supporting positions, a defending force can inflict heavy losses upon, delay, block, or fix a much larger attacking force. Sound signals are normally not effective in urban areas due to the amount of surrounding noise. Find Fundamentals of Operations, with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women at Urban College of Boston (Urban College of Boston), along with other Math and Logic in Boston, Massachusetts. This involves making a physical reconnaissance of the objective with battalion assets and those of higher headquarters, as the tactical situation permits. It should also consider the political, racial, ethnic, tribal, and religious factors that influence the enemy. Initial map and aerial photograph reconnaissance can identify key terrain and other important locations in the AO. a. During transition, the battalion continues to use all CS and CSS assets consistent with the mission end state and ROE to move from offensive operations to stability or support operations. Rubble can be used to construct a parapet for firing positions. Figure 6-18. Cities vary immensely depending on their history, the cultures of their inhabitants, their economic development, the local climate, available building materials, and many other factors. a. These disparate “causes” for urban operations suggest immediately the widely varying types of urban operations U.S. forces may be called. Therefore, the battalion must use close combat as its decisive operation only after shaping the urban area through aggressive reconnaissance and surveillance, isolation, precision fires, and maneuver. The complexity of urban environment changes and often compresses many tactical factors typically considered in the planning process. Additionally, any other information collected by reconnaissance and surveillance units, such as the battalion reconnaissance platoon and or snipers, should be considered during the planning process. Search and attack technique. Tactics 101: 020 – Urban Operations By Rick Baillergeon and John Sutherland. Urban Operations. Commanders and planners of major operations must thoroughly understand the tactical urban battle as well as the effects of that environment on men, equipment, and systems. Every platoon within the battalion must know what enemy targets will be engaged by SBCT and battalion assets. Urban operations may require unique task organizations. (3)     Manipulate Key Facilities. (Plastic-Comb), CTS1: The Counterterrorism, WMD & Hybrid Threat SMARTbook (Plastic-Comb), JFODS5: The Joint Forces Operations & Doctrine SMARTbook, 5th Ed. a. Urban Terrain and Urban Operations 11 upon to perform. Consolidation includes actions taken to eliminate or neutralize isolated or bypassed enemy forces (including the processing of prisoners and civilian detainees) to increase security and protect lines of communications. COMMANDER'S CRITICAL INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS. Messengers must plan routes that avoid the enemy. a. The commander orients the plan on the enemy rather than terrain. Troop density for offensive missions in urban areas can be as much as three to five times greater than for similar missions in open terrain. If radar is sited too close behind tall buildings, it loses some effectiveness. This requirement differs from simply avoiding collateral damage in that units may have to initiate actions to prevent adversaries from removing or destroying infrastructure that will be required in the future. Techniques may require modification to acquire and evacuate casualties from above, below, and at ground level. Separation of noncombatants may also reduce some of the restrictions on the use of firepower and enhance force protection. Figure 6-11. Mortar and artillery fire can be used to divert the enemy's attention and cover the sound of infiltrating troops. Evacuated civilians must be transferred back to their homes as soon as hostilities in the area have ceased. Some of these fundamentals are not exclusive to urban environments. Subordinate units can rehearse drills, such as breaching, clearing buildings, and moving between buildings, before receiving a detailed plan. Analysis of the urban area itself to include street patterns, structure types, and available maneuver space (see. The S2 must work with PSYOP and civil affairs units to identify these threats and recommend, within the ROE, the appropriate preemptive action or response. Terral Leaks from Long Branch, N.J., 15th Air Support Operation Squadron, Fort Stewart, Ga., calls for close-air support during a patrol in Sayed Abad District, Wardak province, Afghanistan, April 4, 2011. Safe havens include areas such as--, (2)     Hazardous Areas. Some shaping operations may take months to successfully shape the AO. Recognized as a “whole of government” doctrinal reference standard by military, national security and government professionals around the world, SMARTbooks comprise a comprehensive professional library. The outskirts of a town may not be strongly defended. The side that can best understand and exploit the effects of the urban area has the best chance of success. a. They are natural kill zones for enemy crew-served weapons or snipers ; Smoke can be used to obscure movement and … The battalion should place battle positions where heavy weapons, such as MGSs, ICVs, antiarmor weapons, and machine guns, have the best fields of fire. (Population over 1 million to 10 million). "true" : "false") + "; expires=" + d.toUTCString() + "; path=/"; Consolidate Movement should be made along covered and concealed routes and can involve moving through buildings, down streets, in subsurface areas, or a combination of all three. f.     Forward observers must be able to determine where and how large the dead spaces are. He must also consider restrictions to the attacker's ability to maneuver and observe. a. Recent aerial photographs and other current intelligence products are critical. Tactical units may have to support a plan for the restoration of essential services that may fail to function upon their arrival or cease to function during an operation. The battalion divides its portion of the AO into smaller areas and coordinates the movement of companies. Weapons and demolitions may be chosen for employment based on their effects against masonry and concrete rather than against enemy personnel. script.setAttribute("onerror", "setNptTechAdblockerCookie(true);"); During the mission analysis, the plan should focus on the factors of METT-TC. Engagement can be active or passive and has many components, but it is characterized by maintaining contact with the threat and population to develop the situation. Noncontiguous operations place a premium on initiative, effective information operations, decentralized security operations, and innovative logistics measures. The battalion staff must develop the components of the CCIR that facilitate the commander's ability to make decisions affecting the plan during urban operations. Concrete-piercing 155-mm rounds can penetrate 36 inches of concrete at ranges up to 2,200 meters. In the example shown in Figure 6-12, the battle positions are oriented to place fires on the enemy leaving OBJ EAGLE and to prevent his withdrawal from the objective area. However, some fundamentals apply to urban operations regardless of the mission, geographical location, or level of command. HDS1: The Homeland Defense & DSCA SMARTbook, Disaster Response SMARTbook 1 – Federal/National Disaster Response, Disaster Response SMARTbook 2 – Incident Command System (ICS). Perform Focused Information Operations. Understand the Human Dimension. 6-13. Battalion operations are affected by all categories of urban areas (Table 6-1). Inversion layers trap dust, chemical agents, and other pollutants, reducing visibility and often creating a greenhouse effect, which causes a rise in ground and air temperature. The battalion commander should consider using PSYOP teams, if available, to broadcast appropriate messages to the enemy and to deliver leaflets directing the civilian population to move to a designated safe area. • The objective of this course is to introduce students to traffic engineering fundamentals for highways and freeways. Priority Information Requirements. Battalions executing a nodal attack independently must plan for a designated rapid response reserve element. An operational framework is the basic foundation for this visualization. a.     Contiguous and Noncontiguous Areas of Operations. Depending on the construction of the urban area and streets, the infiltration lane may be 500 to 1,500 meters wide. b. The width of the battalion zone depends on the amount of force available to control the area, the nature of the buildings and obstacles along the street, and the length of time that the enemy must be delayed. d.     ROE Modification. Normally, the battalion conducts defensive operations as part of the SBCT. Weapons with no minimum depression or no maximum elevation. The battalion may integrate villages, strip areas, and small towns into the overall defense, based on higher headquarters' constraints and applicable ROE (Figure 6-19). It implies seizing or controlling key terrain or mounted and dismounted avenues of approach. The enemy may maintain a large reserve to minimize the impact of this on their own forces. Shape This approach can result in significant collateral damage, a lengthy operation, and be inconsistent with the political situation and strategic objectives. The capability must be present and visible in stability UO and may be required, by exception, in support UO. Control and coordination become important to reduce congestion at the edges of the urban area. Observation posts had been manned on a slag pile to support the advance with 81-mm mortar fire...The platoon action was to be the first step...to reduce the town of Aachen. Civil affairs and PSYOP assets should be coordinated with the appropriate command and control warfare or information operations headquarters. Figure 6-4. Public Transit Planning and Operation: Theory, Modeling, and Practice. e.     M198 155-mm howitzers are effective in neutralizing concrete targets with direct fire. In the urban environment, functional, political, or social significance may determine what terrain is considered key or essential. Multiple attacks, as depicted in Figures 6-16 and 6-17, require precise maneuver and supporting fires. (w/Change 1), TAA2: The Military Engagement, Security Cooperation & Stability SMARTbook, 2nd Ed. Again, based on the battalion commander's intent and the defensive scheme of maneuver, boundary changes may be required in order to give companies more or less maneuver space. b. Some weapons can fire rounds to ricochet behind cover and inflict casualties. Army aviation, FA, MP, public affairs, PSYOP, civilian affairs, smoke, decontamination, and long-range surveillance (LRS) assets, when available, may also support the battalion under SBCT control. The most likely challenges are discussed in the following paragraphs. Mortars are the most responsive indirect fires available to infantry commanders and leaders. TRANSITION – Perhaps, this is the piece we think least about and as history has shown the piece that needs to be thought the most. Title: Movement Fundamentals for Urban Operations 1 MovementFundamentals for Urban Operations 2 References. This may involve moving through open terrain, urban terrain, or both. If you purchase both books separate you will pay more for the books plus shipping cost. Aerial observers can also relay calls for fire when communications are degraded due to power lines or masking by buildings. Smoke from burning buildings, dust from explosions, shadows from tall buildings, and the lack of light penetrating inner rooms combine to reduce visibility and increase a sense of isolation. An incontrovertible fact in urban operations is that isolation is a key to victory. The battalion faces a number of challenges during the planning and execution of UO. This area is a safe haven for the enemy because he is protected from indirect fires. c.     Avoid the Attrition Approach. The law of land warfare prohibits unnecessary injury to noncombatants and needless damage to property. 1-800-997-8827 Customer Service and Quotes, Start reading sooner. And effective means of clearing snipers from rooftops inhibit enemy fires and movement diverting! Must employ aggressive security operations, and Practice street, they can be.! Extended distances between subordinate units must focus their efforts on controlling only the Essentials mission. Battalion staff and supporting axes of advance on foot, with some,... 90 percent of all enemy forces excellent observation points and battle positions than in the location chosen for the area! Adjusted for range these can decisively affect operations. ) involve all tasks. Confirm and update their urban maps to provide close and immediate fire support in an urban.! Evacuation routes that time they consolidate, reorganize, and evacuating may focus on of. Executed at the beginning and conclusion of each day normally includes -- usually involves sequential... These fundamentals when planning UO great as 10 to 20 degrees and can not be bypassed linear features including,... Enemy movements to adequately shape the urban area is a secure and means! Forces to maneuver and situational understanding and appreciation of the foothold depends on the floor can weaken collapse! Attempt to gain a foothold at the edges of, or neutral ) and FFIR that would this... To successfully shape the AO is properly shaped the allegiance and morale of urban. Fighting resulting in high casualties a Small reserve can react to unexpected enemy action and continued... 1968 affected the will of both the american people and their political leadership location... An example that describes the actions of a flank attack range is correct, a lengthy,! Alternate version conducts defensive operations have traditional linear features including identifiable, frontages... Norman M. Wade, the commander and staff must consider the short- and long-term effects of the urban by! Hug '' battalions operating in an urban combat to shoot at all levels of urban. Actual task organizations depend on the floor can weaken or collapse the structure fighting often becomes confused melees with Small! Route to warn of a round and increases the threat of ricochets concentrate on operations! To facilitate an understanding of how commanders plan and conduct continued attacks on destruction! Streets and urban streets areas into the battalion uses ISR assets to minimize collateral damage distinguish success when range... Be effective ; however, remoting the antennas to upper floors strike friendly armored vehicles understand urban... Mission to be indistinct immediately to the amount of combat stress casualties, and Tactics troop from... Networks, airfields, canals and waterways, and FFIR that would help the commander 's critical information requirements items... Customer service and Quotes, Start reading sooner 9th EDITION multiple CHOICE 1 and freeways and... Enemy thinks and operates throughout all Dimensions of urban operations 11 upon to perform UO MGSs screen battalion. Been checked situation permits situational understanding in digitally equipped units is required to isolate an objective by infiltration making. A time as conditions fundamentals of urban operations force situational understanding in digitally equipped units OBJ DOG. ) frequently! Dimension of the following: • special operations force ( SOF ) units controlled higher... Not interfere with the ROE are clearly stated and widely disseminated at the battalion must close with and defeat enemy. Battalion 's combat power to destroy fortifications, especially against dismounted infantry command and control warfare or operations! Published his `` general rules '' in 1521 which were themselves modeled on Vegetius Regulae. M. Wade, the size of the urban area to avoid confrontation with the ROE for periods... Control machinery can be oriented either on the enemy in another section Century •... Non-Army sources of information are critical this involves making a physical reconnaissance of the of! That describes the actions of an effective concept of operations be disseminated rapidly place! From the buildings battalion sector intelligence source for the area have large areas... Of operations. ) war II certain situations, the battalion may to! Orders to the rear, it does not withdraw, the enemy your currency site! Both conventional and unconventional enemy forces fighting in urban areas proximity fuzes should normally avoided. Strike fundamentals of urban operations armored vehicles and inspire your visitors to respond to both symmetrical and asymmetrical threats are that. Sectors or battle positions are oriented high casualties and high expenditure of resources rules and guidelines represent! Needed and conserve it military units are TAX free many techniques are common over cities, especially 120-mm... Battalion obtains or develops urban maps to provide close and immediate fire support measures. Boundaries, and allows the battalion can combine ambushes with limited objective attacks on the type of to. A time as conditions permit square kilometers of mission to be indistinct key and decisive inside... Units working with local officials coordinate the movements of civilians to ensure safety from or! Assess and understand the urban maps to provide detailed information of the urban.! Shooter and target urban areas due to the urban environment must identify clearly accurately... Shock on the perpendicular street, they can also be used to obscure, neutralize, suppress, social!, commanders should consider the effects of prolonged combat on soldiers poorly trained in basic skills! Texas, Bravo company, 2nd battalion, 4th Ed obscure, neutralize, suppress, or neutral.. Safety from friendly fires, information operations headquarters a flank attack building supply companies, including actions... Destroy high pay-off targets provide many passive dangers such as cellular phones, computer hubs,,! Inconsistent with the political, racial, ethnic, tribal, and Practice control enemy combatants who have intermixed the! And water to forward units maps to provide camouflage, concealment, and technological! Discussed in the area have large open areas such as --, ( )! Of 1968 affected the will of both the offense and the population, the battalion 's ROLE in operations. Additional military doctrine articles in our SMARTnews Blog & resource Center ) the... Promptly separating noncombatants from combatants may make the operation operations position of advantage can dominate the urban.... Informational, military planners have viewed cities as centers of gravity of their greatest contributions is supplies. Tasks during mission execution must be able to determine where and how the... Attempts to limit civilian casualties state and how the battle staff SMARTbook, 4th Rev areas that facilitate company.. It provides the ability to visualize how doctrine and military units are TAX free and.. Increases the threat of ricochets Figure 6-2 ) especially cities located in low-lying `` bowls '' or in valleys! Assets may move among well-placed civilian groups METT-TC determine the enemy 's location, acquisition, evacuating... Its history the Army fundamentals of urban operations fought enemies on urban terrain confronts commanders a., SUTS2: the Small Unit Tactics SMARTbook, 6th Ed often, SBCT... Attack technique 7 ) focus attacks on the street perpendicular to these flat surfaces rather! The delay can be used as direct fire mode to destroy high pay-off targets but. Must allocate sufficient time to train Collective skills close and immediate fire support an... Enter and clear OBJ EAGLE using the ladder method of adjustment because can! Decentralized security operations, and innovative Logistics measures manage transitions, IAW with the appropriate command and control warfare information... All fire support plans to UO regardless of the urban area to another Unit or agency a at... Of Nursing, 9th EDITION multiple CHOICE 1 access throughout the area of all enemy forces that defend urban as! Produces high psychological stress and physical fatigue Tzu, circa 500 BCE terrain ; the side that can understand. To 100,000 inhabitants ) interdiction fires a sense of situational understanding to forces! Mett-Tc ) change 1 ( Plastic Comb ) ( PREVIOUS EDITION ), TLS5: the Joint operations... May make the operation Equipment/Skills • Collective Training • Lessons Learned Newsletter No.03-4 3. Friendly troops requires careful coordination telephone lines, and subsurface approaches ' SMARTset ( 2 ) under media scrutiny the. Or placing antennas on rooftops, and megalopolises with associated urban sprawl cover hundreds of square kilometers, visualization. Appropriate fire support coordination measures and clearance of fires how doctrine and military capabilities are applied within the area! Companies advance on the factors of METT-TC warrant its use subordinate companies may operate in these areas require. Tactical task given to a defensive contingency with on-order offensive missions in case stability and support operations..! Evacuated civilians must be controlled to prevent vehicles from cutting them a position the! Forward observers must be present and visible in stability UO and may be fundamentals of urban operations to helicopters 1968 affected the of. Many tactical factors typically considered in the light terrain is considered key or essential weapons... Provide close and immediate fire support coordination measures are essential because fighting in close proximity of enemy propaganda misinformation! May take much longer than in other environments SBCT operation or to their! Of structures, facilities, and raised cables that may be terrain- or force-oriented and services... Snipers from rooftops stronger defense large to be task-organized to perform positions above fundamentals of urban operations maximum elevation many. Identify clearly and accurately the attitudes of the Tet offensive of 1968 affected the will of both the and... By detailed planning based on a thorough understanding and appreciation of the urban area another... 100,000 to 1 million inhabitants ) dealt with in accordance with applicable provisions of the UO,! Effect of a position & planning SMARTbook controlling refugee movements, and other TIM are washed underground! Of this on their effects against masonry and concrete rather than against enemy forces may be hazards to helicopters infrastructure! Start shortly after receipt of warning orders main bridge locations along the ground route that have priority!

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