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trained family protection dogs for sale uk

Twenty years ago, we pioneered the very concept in the UK and we remain the most respected company globally in this field, thanks to the quality of the dogs and training that we provide our customers with. Browse our List of Trained Protection Dogs for Sale. For the discerning person that desires something special we have our custom order, trained dogs for sale program. We travel EVERY WEEK searching for the next best dogs to train and sell. Call and let us know the name of … From creating a profile which allows us to search for the perfect dog within your choice of breed, tailor training the dog for your particular needs and giving a personalised handover package the process is individual to you and your family. FULLY Trained Protection & Police Dogs "We sell and train working dogs for personal safety, security or law enforcement applications. We invite you to take a look at the personal protection dogs for sale by Prestige and what makes our services the best in the business! Meet some of our highly-trained family and executive protection dogs. Our protection dogs are trained to … READY TO BUY. A1K9 only buys dogs from proven blood lines from selected breeders across Europe, each dog then being carefully assessed and checked for both health and temperament before being imported into the UK. View Cart. We market our dogs as being “elite”, but what is behind this claim, and why are we better than our competitors? Our speciality is providing clients with bespoke personal training services which exactly meet their, and their dogs’ needs. Trained Pet Dogs For Sale Here are a selection of dogs available at ADK9 that are in training and are almost ready for their new families. With this option we find the perfect dog and tailor the training to meet your specific desires and needs!You pick the breed, age, sex and level of training your heart desires AND WE DELIVER THE DOG OF YOUR DREAMS.. Costs vary based on breed, training and length of time we have the dog. £8,000. Ingredients that are 100% Organic, non-GMO. Whether you're looking for a perfectly trained puppy, an young adult dog as a companion, a protection dog or a police dog, we are confident that we will be able to match you with a dog … All the personal and family protection dogs we offer will have received a minimum of 12 months training and conditioning prior to sale. Please feel free to get in touch regarding any of our dogs in training, or indeed if we can help through our bespoke order service, using the form below. These personal and home protection dogs are usually German Shepherds that have been family raised and trained and are from the best German or European bloodlines available to us. Your dog is trained in public, with strangers, in dangerous scenarios & we repeat this with you. Vielen lieben Dank Leedor für die unglaubliche Beratung und Unterstützung. There are a lot of companies with trained dogs for sale. Trained Family Protection Dogs & Personal Protection Dogs For Sale A1K9’s speciality is training as well as supplying family and personal protection dogs to clients in the UK and worldwide. K9 Protector are experts in training and supplying personal protection dogs and family protection dogs.. We match the right protection dogs to you and your family ensuring smooth integration with your lifestyle which also maintains the happiness of the dog or dogs, depending if you require more than one protection dog for personal protection. Find your new family protection dog ,personal protection dog , elite family and estate protection dog at Mrazovac K9! Meet Milan’s twin brother Magnus 4 months old ! They are dedicated to shield you, by demand, from any possible danger or threat as taught through intense training, mental stability and obedience. +44 (0) 793 0408 458 We house train and sell some of the worlds most professionaly trained protection dogs.find out more, At Protection Dogs Worldwide, we offer residential obedience training for your canine companion. While all of our dogs share common characteristics such as being protective, friendly, obedient, and intelligent, each breed does have its own quirks. All images are copyright to A1K9 Ltd and must not be used without permission. Performs complex attack manoeuvres in the most dangerous personal, family & home situations, like armed robbery. He loves our two boys, is always very careful and gentle around them and when we go to the park, he walks between the two prams without even asking him to.We rarely lock the door and never set the alarm now that Hex is here. At Protection Dogs Worldwide, we are proud to develop close working relationships with our clients, allowing us to work together, and provide the perfect trained family protection dog of any working breed.A family protection dog is far from the stereotypical guard dog. Unlike more active and potentially aggressive breeds such as Dutch Shepherd Dogs, the dogs that we sell are calm enough to thrive in family environments, and this has been proven with each dog we offer our clients. Meet Ciro one of our Elite family protection Dogs, Meet Brutas one of our Elite trained family protec. Hopefully that is when you will know with the greatest certainty that Protection Dogs Worldwide really is an elite business dealing elite dogs. Here at WKD Trained Dogs our passion is to improve the lives of dogs and people around the world. GSD. Name Street Address Address Line 2 City and State / Province / Region Email Phone MobileHomeOffice Phone (secondary) MobileHomeOffice Your dog’s health is our mission. New Cl A ssifie d £2,000 For Sale F1 Cockapoo pups. Elite Protection Dogs for personal and family protection Guaranteed security with fully trained guard and family dogs for sale Protection dogs are fully integrated into family life, as pets, and as working dogs, which can react on the command from the owner or expression of aggression from an attacker towards a family member. A1K9 protection dogs are impeccably trained and conditioned to be caring, loving family pets that double as loyal companions and protectors. None of our dogs are vicious or aggressive. We are also particularly selective and discriminating with which breeds we supply our clients. Malinois. If you’re looking for a dog that’s laid back then a Cane Corso would be perfect. BUDDY . In the United Kingdom and further afield, there are any number of companies and dealers prospective clients can source a protection dog from. Meet puppy Eric 7.5 months old just had a fresh ha. As a collective group of working dog owners, breeders, and professional trainers we understand the importance of getting the right nutrition into our dogs. I really couldn’t of asked for more. A well trained protection dog is much safer than a dog that has had no training. Cane Corsos also have a tendency to drool, whereas German Shepherd Dogs are famously heavy shedders. BLITZ . However, a trained family protection dog understands right from wrong, and when biting is or is not allowed.

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