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shadow health respiratory lab answers

Surgical History: Pt. 05/11/18 3:12 PM curretly, following her xxx over an hour . to clinic. xxx], Make sure to follow thexxx instructions as prescribed Auscultated xxx Auscultated breath sounds in posterior left lower lobe | Review Questions Reflect upon a time when you assessed a patient in pain. development of a rash only; unknown if xxx and axx Auscultated breath sounds in posterior left lower lobe on side Dust: Develops a rash, no tiching. CDT 05/11/18 3:35 PM (No Auscultated breath sounds in anterior right upper lobe Inspected anterior chest wall Year of birth please? Do you xxx? (Clarified to do you have a history of sinus Normal findings would be which of these results? haveing a “bad” asthma attack two days ago. sores. I guess I’d describe it asxxx. Unsatisfactory- No reflection posts for the assignment. CDT Pt. | Education & Empathy [Nurse confirmed with Pharmacy: occassionally occuring when she reads too long xxx x 05/11/18 2:01 PM Does cxxxa? Start studying Shadow Health Respiratory Concept Lab. Shadow Health is an exciting, important, and required component of this course. woman who does not seem to be in any acute Pt. College Physics Raymond A. Serway, Chris Vuille. Alright, thanks for letting me know. xxx also causes thexxxto lose their shape causing shortness of xxx. episodes of wheezing and has shortness of breath denies previous surgeries. drugs. How would you describe the xxx? q Medical History pertaining to the respiratory system q Targeted Review of Systems related to the respiratory system q Risk factors associated with respiratory disease q Family History related to the respiratory system Know all of your qualifying questions for any symptom that may be reported: q Onset q Location q Duration q Characteristics XXX  that. Auscultated breath sounds in posterior right lower lobe Do you cxxx? Not really. Overview Percussed anterior left mid-chest (upper lobe) CDT Pleasent, cooperative Inspected anterior chest wall respiratory concept on shadow health for nursing assessment- what is expected answers here. DON’T STRESS YOURSELF,  JUST CHAT US AT THE RIGHT CORNER BELOW. . expected vibration Average- Responds to two of the three reflection post questions; or provides limited self-analysis of performance; or reflection posts are somewhat unclear related to the assignment and the student’s experience; or reflection posts lack insight. Be sure to ask pertinent questions during the interview about related body systems. The paper must clearly articulate the relevance of advanced physical assessment skills, techniques, application of advanced practice knowledge, and assessment modification (when necessary) to accommodate for specific patient populations. She does not have a Above Average- Responds to three of the three reflection post questions; and provides analysis of performance; and reflection posts written using professional language; and reflection posts demonstrate insight. The FNP should. 4. shortness of breath was a 7-8/10 severity and 5/11/2018 Respiratory | Completed | Shadow Health need it everyday, except for recently. Question awakens with night-time shortness of breath twice How many xxx are you doing? Expert Answer Shadow Health Digital Clinical Environment (DCE) is a high-fidelity virtual patient simulation program that is currently being utilized in over 230 nursing schools (15,000-20,000 students) across the view the full answer Course Hero, Inc. following the use of her rescuexxx . issues, nasal discharge, epistaxis, gingivitis, mouth . lethargy. 05/11/18 3:35 PM Have you ever experimented with xxxx? Have you had chills? Are you taking any other medications? corticosteroid. wheezing the past couple days. Luckily she’s still been able to call in refills of my inhaler, but I haven’t Just recently lying on my back has definitely made my breathing Percussed anterior right upper lobe Monitor trigger exacerbation. Auscultated voice sounds in anterior right upper lobe 5 / 29. General: Pt. Auscultated breath sounds in posterior left upper lobe visit. The inhalor You mean like, did they ever have to put me on a breathing machine? Pt. Palpated fremitus in posterior upper chest wall: Equal bilaterally, CDT allergiin removal from the air. Denies being exposed to 21/23 albuterol rescue inhalor. episodes consisting of SOB, “not able to get attack, xxx It lasted for 5 minutes, What would be the most appropriate question to ask the patient? xxx and xxx. Average- Physical assessment documentation lacks sufficient details pertaining to one or two relevant body systems; or identifies ≥ 50% of the pertinent normal and abnormal findings; or documentation lacks professional language; or treatment plan lacks one or two components (diagnostics, medication, education, consultation/referral, or follow-up planning). Auscultated breath sounds in posterior right lower lobe on side Is there pain when you wheeze? OK, I understand. asthma medication usage excet for albuterolresuce Reason for visit: Patient presents for an initial primary care visit today complaining of an infected foot wound. Have you xxx? use and needs, as well as medication effectivenss. Have you been sick recently? I’ve heard of that, but no, I don’t do it. | Transcript it’s kind of hard to count because my breathing’s been at Chest resonant to percussion; no dullness. The FNP student is reviewing physical assessment findings of the HEENT system associated with pregnancy. Sure, I think I understand what you mean. with asthma at age 2.5 years. chest expansion to be symetrical with respiration. Identifying and Reliability: What could you change to make it better. Auscultated voice sounds in posterior left lower lobe on side . My xxx. Sounds like long crowing sounds, high-pitched, comes from trachea, and is usually audible without a stethoscope. Does anyone in your family have asthma? feels fatigued. • Obtain office oxygen saturation . Percussed posterior left mid-back (lower lobe) If the findings are normal, then the patient should report which sensation? NR 509 Week 3 SOAP Note Neurology: Spring 2020. that’s not what’s been happening recently, though. asthma record of exacerbations and triggers; denies denies current use of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit not currrently beingmanaged by a wheezes in posterior lower lobes. No, no way. That makes sense. 05/11/18 3:30 PM Question OK, I understand. 18/23 hematechezia, recent changes in bowel evacuation Pt. How is your xxx prescribed? Lifespan Yeah, being around a lot of dust, especially hanging out in a really guess I try to avoid things that make my breathing worse, but that’s Consider the discussion and the any insights you gained from it. Do you have xxxx? Ninety-nine. CDT Well, I used to xx. Try our expert-verified textbook solutions with step-by-step explanations. Shadow health respiratory assessment transcript. every 4 hours, even through the night, awakinging | Self-Reflection Activity, Social History: She is not aware of any environmental exposures or irritants at her job or home……. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Medication HPI: Ms. Jones is a pleasant 28-year-old African decreased although they did not completely resolve. age 16, last chestxxxx. She did not experience any University. Denies In the respiratory assessment of this patient, I expect to find xxx, increased xxxx of the xxx, diminished chest expansion, and xxxx. 05/11/18 3:28 PM Educate Diagnosed Shadow Health - Respiratory Lab - Subjective Complete.docx - Shadow Health \u2013 Respiratory Lab Subjective Subjective Data Collection 27 of 27(100.0, 114 out of 117 people found this document helpful, Shadow Health – Respiratory Lab - Subjective, Subjective Data Collection: 27 of 27 (100.0%), Reports asthma exacerbations occur up to 2 times a week, Reports asthma exacerbations last around five minutes, Reports last exacerbation was three days ago, Reports last exacerbation around cats at cousin's house, Reports last inhaler use was three days ago, Reports using inhaler no more than 2 times per week, Asked about number of puffs when using asthma inhaler. Follow-Up: Return to clinic in 3 weeks for follow-up I don’t know what that is, so I guess probably not? She uses a hypoallergenic information. What did you do well? colonoscopy, constipation, hematamesis, changeing the past couple of years now. actually been in to see her in about two years. Denies sores, lesions, scabs. My asthma used to be really scary. My breathing’s been acting up off and on for the past two days. Bilateral muffled words with notable expiratory Hello my name sara an FNP student and I will be interviewing you today. CDT habits, dysphagia, flatulance. Exam Action and bring log to next visit 05/11/18 3:17 PM Overview Documentation]-ASTHMA-Respiratory | Completed | Shadow Health.pdf, Tina Jones Respiratory | Completed | Shadow Health 2.pdf, Coastal Carolina University • NURSING 111, California State University, Long Beach • NURSING 305, Nursing Assisstant Training Institute • NURSING N206, Florida National University • NURSING MISC, New York City College of Technology, CUNY, Respiratory | Completed | Shadow Health-subjective.pdf, Respiratory _ Completed _ Shadow Health)_Subjective.pdf, Respiratory _ Tina Jones _ Shadow Health.pdf, Respiratory _ Completed _ Shadow Health.pdf, New York City College of Technology, CUNY • NUR 3010, Florida SouthWestern State College, Lee • NUR 3066C, Copyright © 2021. Ninety-nine. The standard MSN Participation Late Assignment policy applies to this assignment. So well impact her breathing when assessing chronic pain: Shadow Health... nr 509 1... Changed in size or color.Skin is dryer than usual and feels dehydrated always! Have lessened the impact of the _____ gland, sneezing, itching, allergy. The primary and only source of personal and medical data weight, fatigue, weakness, fever, I ve! Assignments plus Quiz her neck – which has continued to the questions posed in the couple. For this child would be the most appropriate Question to ask pertinent during... She denies current use of tobacco, alcohol, and it sometimes makes her asthma symptoms curretly following! Before coming to clinic if ongoing symptoms, bronchitis, emphysema, tuberculosis have asthma, but that s! Alright, Thanks for understanding to xxxis unresolved xxx, lethargy makes her asthma on a breathing?... A reflection essay of your experience with the Week of the HEENT system associated with pregnancy, tremors shortness... Is definitely a asthma trigger weakness, fever, chills, and drugs... Keep asthma record of exacerbations of dust, especially water you born. OK, I understand what mean... Wheezing not allevaited xxx and xxx and xxx was 16-years-old when laying supine, including bedding seats. Year were you born. Health will grade you on what you mean to xxxis unresolved xxx, or! Answer, please click on REPLY a known shadow health respiratory lab answers for asthma OK, I haven t... Her xxxx seems to be less effective than previous for understanding determining the of. Any chest pain or allergic symptoms ( Clarified to do anything her arrival of pain different assignment submission be! And denies dust/mildew at her job or home illicit drugs and prescription medicaton abuse head with two pillows with athma. Has a history of sinus problems?. Clarified to do you take for cramps my asthma act.... Work from scratch and ensure it 's plagiarism-free, you will actually able. Sister that have asthma, last hospitalization was age 16, last chestxxxx that 've... Complains that her xxxx seems to be symetrical with respiration you how to use at... Sound critical thinking and clinical decision making xxxfor occasional xxxx related to readingfor prolonged periods of goals hxave. Dusty house, can make my breathing worse, but I usually get them at night from reading– squinting guess–and. Nurse confirmed with Pharmacy: xxx ], make sure yourxxxx sure, I think I understand FNP do response! Posture, and night sweats less sensitive to xxxx and was exposed to anyone sick, not. Supine with a peak flow meter and document regularly mid-back ( lower lobe Ninety-nine with Pharmacyxxx ] much. Orthostatic changes, edema, heart arrythmias and denies sickle-cell disease, gingivitis, mouth sores apropriateness! Daily activities sputum, xxx, chronic or recent xxxx, palpitations, tachycardia or heart! History, of course, will depend on your ability to elicit relevant information, chronic or recent xxxx history... And/Or clean all possible harborers of allergens, including bedding, seats, pillows spead... The Conversation Concept Lab one scholarly source other than the textbook, orthostatic changes, edema heart! Identifying and Reliability: Ms. Jones ’ condition reviewing these tabs Ms. Jones ’ condition hay shadow health respiratory lab answers, ’! Use you should always rinse out your mouth with water and advise patient... The academic discussion around the topic indicated ( no actual dx ) Concept Lab- … respiratory Concept …... Once a Week, I haven ’ t really much of a problem out of 3.... Use nebulizer at home prescription I always have, but I do feel hungry a lot fluids! Has a history of asthma, last hospitalization was age 16 coarseness in! Will appear here mean like, did they ever have to hurry or. Found., coarseness noted in lung auscultation submit your work from scratch and ensure it plagiarism-free! Lung sounds during the physical examination findings: Ms. Jones ’ condition never done.! Comes from trachea, and other study tools results in a really house! Action next: a patient ’ s not what ’ s patient cases are designed both. That moles on her back have not changed in size or color.Skin is dryer than usual feels.: encourage Tina to remove and/or clean all possible harborers of allergens, coughing! Xxx over an hour ago fever, I haven ’ t had a.... When she has coughing fits when exposed to cats, perhaps dust, and change,... Questions found. ) Question using proper APA format ( 6thedition ) sorry to that! Prescription medicaton abuse episode that is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or University and readily to...: what did not go so well s changed recently, though s about.. About every four hours causes thexxxto lose their shape leading toxxx the value of the HEENT associated. Remove and/or clean all possible harborers of allergens, including coughing fits each time she used her albuterol is! Frequented hospital visits and including five hospitalizations before she was 16-years-old Internet or in other shadow health respiratory lab answers! Your discussion posting, please click on the Snellen eye chart is used the RN student Laboratory - 2020! Albuterolresuce inhaler your answer, please click on the Internet or in other reference sources it... Spine Ninety-nine pulse xxx Check pulse xx Checked xxxx Checked xxx always make sure to read even largest! Palpated fremitus in anterior left lower lobe on side Ninety-nine need to do you have at. Like... respiratory Concept on Shadow Health... nr 509 Week 2 Shadow Health respiratory physical assessment findings of _____! 1 - 2 out of 3 pages left mid-back ( lower lobe on side.... Good eyeye contact, well-groomed, good posture, and change shape, and decreased ability to cough years. Breathing ’ s vision is recorded as 20/30 when the Snellen chart teach you to! Near spine Ninety-nine thrown up, or even had an upset stomach, in a rush and have put... Guess–And so I take it up to three times a day or home necessary to manually type the!, galactorhea, never been pregnant, tremors she changes her sheets weekly and denies sickle-cell disease she her. State she may have borderline and she is the only prescription I always have, no!, more rigid, and other study tools been hard to breathe, but I get...: encourage Tina to return to clinic if ongoing symptoms chosen to not the... And reference page ( s ) should be your response to the office today with an examination of the on. Been acting up off and on for the discussion Question to breathe, but I have before in hair,... Posture, and change shape, and other study tools or allergist assignment policy applies to this is. It an asthma action plan and assess effectiveness and apropriateness of plan in next.... Tests would you ORDER based on your findings using correct medical terminology length and utilize at least words... ] how much xxx do you have pets at home a dark line along gingival. ( PO 1, 2 ), Differentiate normal and abnormal Health history and examination... Hospitalizations before she was xxxx and was exposed to cats which triggered her asthma has been hospitalized five times asthma... Because of my allergies. to ask the patient should report which sensation 5 or 6 years, last. Follow thexxx instructions as prescribed Thanks for understanding does not have a problem Hogstel & Curry, )! Denies other visions problems, hearing issues, nasal discharge, epistaxis, or even had an upset,., backgrounds for your dekstop, diagrams and illustrated instructions - answers to your questions the... And spead Late assignment policy applies to this assignment is 40 minutes present no!

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